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A few months ago I started to see some debate about MMS is the autism community –with dear friends of mine coming down on both sides of this debate.  I was left scratching my head because I had no idea what MMS even was. A quick search of the internet did not give me a good impression… “Bleach water!” That was what was in my mind as I skimmed over all the commentary out there. I was finding myself siding with those against its use. But then I remember that I was added to a group where the use of MMS was being discussed.

I logged onto the group and saw a lot of familiar names.  REALLY SUPER SMART warrior moms, whom I know would never jump in blindly on a new treatment without doing their research –add to that, they were seeing results.  I had to know more.

So I started reading more, emailing people, dusting off chemistry books –thinking and pondering so hard that smoke was pouring out of my ears. I was sent some pages by a friend, that discussed the negative aspects of MMS, referring to it as a chemotherapy.  And for the most part, I am against such things.  I believe in boosting the body’s natural ability to heal itself. I found those pages to be full of factual errors, however, so I found myself not too willing to listen to their opinion of MMS. I was directed to some YouTube videos, that frankly did not answer my questions. I was directed to some files that still did not answer my questions… But I also remembered a thought that had entered my own head over a decade ago… See, MMS is being used to treat HIV in some areas of the globe.  Ten years ago I had the same thought about similar substances… Is there something similar to bleach that could be safely taken internally that would kill HIV? –that was my thought.  I am no chemist and very ADHD, I didn’t give it much thought. Apparently, there are smart people out there who pondered it and figured it out.

Still, I was going back and forth on the issue. I downloaded Jim Humble’s book on MMS and at that point was even more turned off because he kept talking about how one can profit for making and selling the stuff… this comes up like twice in the first couple chapters/introduction of the book.  –Even though he swears he does not profit from it, that he is just getting the word out there…

At that point I kinda walked away from it all. I couldn’t decide, didn’t want to read his book anymore, hadn’t really found my answers… “I’ll pick it up later –much later”

Flash forward to the Autism One conference.  There was going to be an MMS presentation! I was not going to miss it!

Before that Presentation I seemed to have a lot of encounters that I will call sign posts along the way.  I listened to Doctors speaking of viruses and bacteria that are hiding out in the majority of our kids.  I talked to moms about yeast and parasites… a lot. I learned that one reason my child might be a “non-responder” is because ALL that good stuff I have been giving him all this time, was feeding parasites and not actually benefiting him all.  I felt like there was a giant neon arrow flashing over my head pointing me in the direction of the MMS talk… and at that talk, that is where the rest of my questions were answered… Like how it only goes after the bad stuff and not good tissue, how it is converted in the body to harmless substances within an hour and there is no build up of these substances.
My list of questions went on –and I am being vague in this blog on purpose.  This is a seriously off label treatment for CO-MORBID conditions that are sometimes present in Autism. ;) I think you all need to make this journey on you own –think of your own questions, find your own answers, do the footwork yourself so that you are comfortable trying this.

I will say this… My bottles came today, and I found myself going over the “are you sure you want to do this?” check list in my head again. (The answer is YES!)

The biggie… my take away from AO lectures, my own child’s symptoms and history, and from a conversation with a Dr in the sauna, I can’t remember his name! –If I decided to treat Gavin for all these BUGS that have invaded his body, I would be sitting here right now with a pile of pharma pills –anti-biotics, anti-fungals, anti-parasitics, anti-virals… all with known side effects… all that will wreak havoc on his body as we try to balance out the mess… Or… MMS. MMS does the same thing as all of those.  AND It is NOT bleach.  I will post some links below for you to start researching it for yourself.

Yes, I prefer natural methods –but I tried that for years, it didn’t work. Hundreds a month spent on natural products that are supposed to kill bugs, and supplements, and MB12… the whole cast of characters. None of it helped. It often left him more agitated!  I hope to someday get him to the point where all the bad stuff is dead and we can go back to trying to boost his own body to heal and protect itself… but he has been so messed up for so long… MMS for us!

I am starting on the regular dose loading schedule for myself.  For Gavin, it’s the slooooow method. I am comfortable with that.  And I will be logging and blogging every day on our progress.  For a while I will post here and on the website, which I swear is up –I just can’t find a template that I like, so bear with me :) There will be an MMS page on there by tomorrow, and I will link to it from here.


MMS Autism

The presentation at Autism One, in four parts: (note to my mother, don’t watch it… trust me ;)
part 1:
part 2:
part 3:
part 4:

Those are good places to start … but do google it, and search out videos on YouTube… MMS, Jim Humble… read it all and draw your own conclusions –as I am not your doctor and this is not medical advice.

  1. I heard of MMS a while back and decided to give it a go after researching for a while. I think it is one of those things that works for some people and not for others. I started to get pains in my gut, which I didn’t initially attribute to the MMS (as I have pains in my gut all the time!) but it got worse and worse. Anyway I came across similar stories who claimed it was the MMS. After a day of I-am-dying-here-take-me-to-the-ER-pain I stopped using it. I should have stopped earlier, as some people did get so sick they did end up in the ER (you’ve probably seen those stories if you’ve googled). But I have a friend who swears by it and doesn’t have any issues. So be careful and good luck!

    • Did you use the protocols from Jim Humble or did you use the ones from Keri? I am wondering if you are less likely to have bad reactions if you go slower? I plan on going super slow with my son on it, hopefully we won’t have those issues.

    • We go low and slow. The kids are toxic. We never want to cause them any undo discomfort. Jim does my protocols for autism…if you ask Jim what to do for autism he will tell you to ask me. The baby bottle method for dosing (not drinking) is great for our kids. I am available for questions or doubts. Best wishes to all of you and congratulations on choosing MMS. I am amazed by it everyday.

    • We do low and slow. And even for the parents low and slow is key. Everyone get their own baby bottle…fill with 8oz of water and give one ounce of water 8 times a day. Day 1 we add one activated drop to the 8oz of water and take one ounce 8 times a day…everyday we add one more drop to the 8oz of water than the day before. Low and slow. If you feel tired or any detox reaction/Herxheimer, stop for the day and begin again the next day. There is no hurry. Every dose helps to kill pathogens causing us to be ill. This way we can avoid gut pains or any other sign of going faster than we need to.

  2. I have been using MMS everything from toe fungus cancer. I am an absolute believer. I used MMS for stagefour cancer in the bone. I believe that we can make our own mind up. Do you own research find out about Jim humble and who he is. Look at his mission from around the world and decide if you’re willing to step out of the box and try something different.
    MMS has changed my life and my family’s life. When my mother had a dreadful yeast infection. We had to take her to the hospital because she couldn’t walk. The doctor said it was going to take weeks for recovery. We took her home and gave four douches in one day. The next morning she woke up and said where’s my breakfast and walked to the kitchen.
    The doctors were shocked in couldn’t believe that she had had such a fast recovery make up your mind decide if you’re willing to try this for one of your loved ones. I’ve seen the children who have had a wonderful success with enema’s riding their bodies of yeast. Getting rid of biofilm. I am a true believer and do your own research not all people try to support things. Remember sabotage is what people do when we achieve success.

  3. Sooo . . . there are two things to consider here. First was the thought that folks could take a hefty dose of MMS in the morning, drink a glass of lemon juice and have the resulting oxygen spill mimic what happens in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Needless to say, it cannot, since oxygen is mostly absorbed into red-blood cells via the lungs. Its complicated but it cannot happen in the gut. the result of the hefty does was that most folks who hoped this ended up with massive diarrhea and gave up on it entirely. As someone who worked with hyperbaric oxgen therapy for the last 30 years, I said “told you so.”
    However, Kerri and Jim Humble have clawed their way the “other” mechanism of MMS. What smaller doses do to the entire body by way of a physiological response. Good for you Kerri and Dr. Humble. Until I watched Kerri’s recent address and explanation, I did not fully grasp that second and most important mechanism.
    I believe that going super slow is the answer. Again, when bPHARMA is looking for the “silver bullet” for these kids, expect opposition and ridicule. After all, it cannot be patented and like some of the bPHARMA poisons for cancer (e.g. Avastin at $100,000.00 for a two month supply and an extra 2.7 months of life) MMS is effective and low cost. Cross-Hairs on the chests of the advocates of remedies that are accessible and work.
    Congrats, Kerri for having the courage to stand up.

  4. Just curious on your “no bleach” comment. So is it 28% Sodium chlorite or not? If it is, how is this not industrial bleach? Does the Keri protocol also suggest mixing with acid like citrus juice, which produces chlorine dioxide?

    In Jim Humble’s eBook, what were his instructions on making it?

    I was extra leery of this stuff when I saw creator had his own church, “If you wish, you will receive a pastor’s certificate and you will have the legal right to use Reverend in front of your name. It will be legal for you to not pay income tax. ” Yea, good luck with that plan.

    I believe in a lot of bio-med stuff and have seen it work, but come on, this is ridiculous and gives the whole bio-med community and Autism One a bad name. Seriously, this is the epitome of snake oil. Changing name to include the world “miracle” is over the top. Cures AIDS, hepatitis A,B and C, malaria, herpes, TB, most cancers too boot???

    • 1. The MMS bottle I buy says 25% but then it is mixed wit citric acid and becomes chlorine dioxide. Which is NOT chlorine (read and view the links I provided which explain that).

      2. I got ordained on line once, I can marry people, I can laughingly sign my kids religious exemptions with “Rev. Jenny” Jim comes off a little… um… yeah… I do not care about his church, I do not care about his links for donations, yadda yadda. I care about the work Kerri is doing. I am atheist. I am pretty fucking anti-social. I don’t care.

      3. Kerri’s clinic has 40 kids who lost their DX since going on MMS. Coincidence? Snake Oil? Placebo effect? Think about it. Whatever it is, whatever you think it is, whatever your belief, it warrants further investigation.

      4. Miracle? Meh. Marketing. If it works for my kid I will tattoo MIRACLE across my giant fat ass.

      5. It is anti-viral. Why not? Why not cure HIV/AIDS, Hep, Cancer, etc etc etc… –all viral issues. It is WORTH the investigation.
      IT IS NOT TAKEN IN HIGH DOSES. It is approved for human consumption in drinking water (it is used to decontaminate water) –to disinfect certain veggies and fruits. The claims justify the research.

      • Sodium chlorite in the bottle is 22.4% and of the bottle we will use anywhere from 1 to 3 drops…not the whole bottle. So, a drop or 2 or 3 would put us at approx 0.016% per dose. And to get the chlorine dioxide that is used in healing, it is a mix of a drop of citric acid and a drop of sodium chlorite.

      • Thank you Kerri! :)

      • Does this stuff not kill the beneficial intestinal bacteria (flora) as well? I don’t see how it could not. I spent a lot of years healing my daughter’s gut and ending never-ending diarrhea. There are no bleach-resistant good bacteria.

        I didn’t say it was chlorine. If it is chlorine dioxide, how is it “not bleach”?

      • Chlorine dioxide (MMS) is not strong. It seems so powerful because we hear that it has healed autism and continues to work wonders for autism healing. But, it is weak. MMS is from the family of oxidants like ozone, oxygen and hydrogen peroxide. The weakest of all is MMS. MMS has a voltage of 0.95 and the healthy cells in the body and the friendly flora have a voltage of 1.28. So, the strength in the oxidizer is not there to do damage. One of the most wonderful things to see is that children who had previously suffered with diarrhea and/or constipation no longer suffer this once they have homeostasis in the intestine. That would be one of the ways to know that the gut flora is in good shape as well.

      • I’m sorry, but can you provide one source (other than a Pro-MMS multi-level marketing machine page) to back up claim that good bacteria is untouched. Makes no sense.

      • I am unsure what the multi level marketing comment was about. Because Jim doesn´t sell MMS nor do I. Here are a couple of links where to find information on MMS and do further investigation. The EP|A (Environmental Protection Agency) sponsors a long accurate article concerning chlorine dioxide and its chemistry. Lenntech is one of the largest industrial companies specializing in chlorine dioxide technology of all kinds. Please this article to learn the data of why chlorine dioxide is selective for certain microorganism and not others.

      • Your water purification links really have nothing to do with ingesting it directly at the prescribed quantities. They do clear up the “not bleach” claim by repeated calling it bleach. It also doesn’t describe how good microbial flora are somehow spared.

      • From the EPA themselves:
        “Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a neutral compound of chlorine in the +IV oxidation state. It disinfects by
        oxidation; however, it does not chlorinate.”
        “Chlorine dioxide functions as a highly selective oxidant due to its
        unique, one-electron transfer mechanism where it is reduced to chlorite (ClO2
        –and that is just on the first page –there are 40+ pages there… read on.

      • “For potable water treatment processes,
        aqueous solutions between 0.1 and 0.5 percent are common from a number of current generation
        –the MMS is mixed it is less than this… we ingest LESS then they recommend for disinfecting water.

      • “which are approved for use in drinking water under AWWA Standard B303-95
        (AWWA, 1995).”
        disinfection mechanisms are not well understood, but appear to vary by type of microorganism”

      • Said pdf talks about mg/L.

        Per your link and EPA, safe level of Chlorine Dioxide in drinking water = 0.8 mg/L or 800 parts per billion (ppb)

        Per instructions, “A drop of MMS contains 6 mg of chlorine dioxide”

        You are talking about consuming lightyears more chlorine dioxide than safe levels.

      • dosage doesn’t equal %solution. It depends on how much water you are mixed with.
        You are comparing two different things.
        Two substances might might both be 15% solutions, for example, and one of those might be 100 mg while the other might be 1mg. it depends on the substance.
        I am thinking it doesn’t matter what I show you –you want a multi-million dollar pharma study on this to be happy. This will NEVER be done b/c no company is going to spend moeny on something that they cannot patent and make money off of.
        It is safe.
        It is used in drinking water.
        No one has died –and if you find one, I want to see the death certificate proving that that was the official declared cause of death –since you are so big on sources.
        Kids have lost their DX.
        If you have healed your child’s gut, good for you! You have no reason to try it if your child is fine. My son is different. NOTHING has worked for him. What is good for one family is not always good for another.

      • actually ANY study showing MMS is effective for anything would be an improvement. That includes one on the anything short of death that this stuff is claimed to heal. HIV, AIDS, ACNE, malaria, hepatitis viruses, the H1N1 flu virus, common colds, acne, cancer, hepatitis, herpes, tuberculosis, pneumonia, sore throats, warts, mouth sores, “even abscessed teeth (it’s the only thing that controls and cures abscessed teeth” ) and “many more of mankind’s worse diseases”.

        Believe me, I am far from some big-pharma shill. I believe in a lot of bio-medical autism treatments. Even most in the alternative medicine community see MMS for what it is, dangerous and 100% unproven.

      • here is the pdf file which shows a study was done that showed no harm to those in the trial:

      • –and to clarify my %solution comment… this said drinking water is .1 to .5. Kerrie pointed out below we are taking 0.016%

      • There is a paper that I have in a document so I cannot even copy past. Maybe the moderator here can help me get it posted by email me and I can email it to who ever is in charge at AutismWars. Maybe Fielding J. Hurst can find it…The title is
        CONTROLLED CLINICAL EVALUATIONS OF CHLORINE DIOXIDE, CHLORITE AND CHLORATE IN MAN BY JUDITH R. LUBBERS, SUDHA CHAUAND AND JOSEPH R.BIANCHINE. If anyone wants this to read I can send it in an email. But, my technical skills are limited and the file doesn´t let me even copy/paste the details. But, I can share the study if you send me your email or even better if the moderator is techie and can get it posted that would probably best.

      • email it me karrie and I will figure a way to get it on here, or over on the webpage! :)

      • WF10 is big pharmas clone of “THE CHLORITE MATRIX” its patented by Oxo Cheme of swiss nationality.the study is called SARIN ET
        AL. They cured hiv in 9 problems or major side reversed damage done to cells by chemo and restored the krebs cycle of cells and rejuvinated the mitochondria which contain s the oxygenated the cells and killed infections.the stuffs the chlorine dioxide ANION on you tube.also mms and baking soda w adam abraham.

    • WF10 is used by big pharma to sterilize human blood ssmples without harming the blood cells.thesr are used to manufacture new drugs.Arch chemicals AG of england makes WF 10,under license from OXO CHEME of swiss nationality.its a mms clone that uses 5 nontoxic acid activators.humic,lactic,citric,acetic,ascorbic.tonly a complete idiot would say chlorine dioxide anion is sodium hypochlorite(bleach) this hurst clown.

  5. hi , everyone !
    i’m using mms on my son , i began slowly , very slowly
    i ‘m also on mms , very good result for me , very amazing

  6. Hopefully this information will clear up some misunderstandings about MMS, which happens to be healing my son in so many ways!! No more yeast issues, calmer, more flexible in his thinking, no OCD and so much better focus that he can function in a mainstream 1st grade classroom. I am so thrilled with the progress!! Thank you so much to Kerri Rivera and this protocol!!!

  7. Although there are those who deny the use of MMS, which they say is not safe for health, I prefer it a thousand times to vaccines that are still prescribed as safe. Meanwhile, vaccines are mainly the cause (not recognized by Big Pharma) autism instead of MMS has cured or improved by autism. The facts speak for themselves. The”small talk” give me boredom, beyond which are a waste of time.

    I am grateful to Kerry Rivera, for her courage and intelligence, for using MMS to cure autism.
    God bless Jim Humble!
    A mom from Italy.

    • So nice to hear good stuff. I have been in biomed for 8 years. Anything that showed any promise, I researched it…both sides. Before giving diflucan or anything else I researched it. I did the same before using chlorine dioxide/MMS. No deaths and plenty of claims of cures…with personal testimonies. I am smart enough to know that a product that I pay 14 dollars for is not going to have double blind side by side studies. Only the drug companies have that type of money. No deaths…it was the logical choice. And for me, it still is. Thank you for your support.

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