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Dear Udi’s, hold the latex..??

[Update: Here is the reply I got from Udi’s “Hey Jenny, I’m so sorry to hear about your reaction. We just spoke with our packaging facility to double check for any latex in the tortillas. As you saw there is no latex in the ingredients and there are no ingredients missing on the list. We only use nitrile gloves in the packing areas. We have a few others like stainless steel cut gloves, but nothing latex. I don’t what could have caused your reaction, but again I’m really sorry to hear about it. Our whole mission is to be accommodating to those with food allergies. I hope this information helps you figure out the root of the problem, and let me know if I can help with anything else. -Mariah

I will have to look into a couple things and write more on this later.  Maybe I can find someway to get what’s left of the package tested somewhere.]


OK Udi’s, I am not being all accusatory, I am just curious.  And I think other people with this allergy should know this happened because I am certain there are people out there whose allergy is worse than mine.  And I’d like to know if the product is ever handled with latex gloves in the processing facility. OR if maybe I need to look into the cross reactive foods a bit harder. Or maybe the way you process something… or maybe an ingredient left off the label.

Whatever it is caused me to react to your tortillas the way I react to latex.  This is kind of serious.


Here is the only thing on the pack that could maybe identify the lot:

14100 2
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I fully understand that there are foods which are cross reactive to latex. But I can eat all those foods without this kind of reaction.  The one exception is avocado, and even still on a bad day it just makes me tired and more likely to react to the original gangsta, latex.


I have a super power that came with my allergy. I can taste latex –lick the inside of a rubber glove, or… pop a balloon and breath in the flavor of that… and that is the taste I get in my mouth if I am near latex. Instantly.  It’s my red flag.

A couple days ago I ate one of those tortillas.  And my throat felt a little funny. I knew it was allergy related, but since I don’t have any food allergies I wasn’t sure what to make of it.

Today when I opened the pack to take out another one, I could taste it. Popped balloon. Latex. I was looking all around me trying to figure out what it was… Could it? Really? That is when I remembered my swollen throat after eating one before.  I leaned down and smelled the wrap. Sure enough. I know that smell.

Ever the curious kitten, I decided to eat it.  Epipen nearby, of course. Within minutes, swollen throat, headache and stomach ache. I’m wicked tired too, like I get with avocado.

So… pretty please… can you dish on your ingredients and processing/handling procedures? Death by Tortilla is no way to go.

For the rest of you, seems to me that latex allergies are made, not born.  Repeated exposure is the greatest risk factor. Health Care workers… Imma talking to you. Be aware.  I started working in hospitals at 19.  I wore a lot of latex gloves in my day. My allergy got worse in time.

A couple years ago when I started eating healthier, avocado became a staple, and it made my allergy much worse.  I thought a tiny little bandaid over a torn toe nail was going to kill me.  That is when I started carrying an epipen. I go out of my way to limit my exposure. Read up on it if you are someone who works around latex.